Terms & Conditions

1) All models at Asian Supermodels™ (herein known as ASM) are 18yrs or over.

2) Please remember that by agreeing to the following statements, and entering this adult web site, you are electronically signing your consent that you accept the terms of this disclaimer and that you are over 18 years old;

3) Asian Supermodels™, it’s staff reserve the right to refuse any clients booking at any time without notice or provocation, for whatever reason seen fit. Possible reasons may be unsuitability in behaviour, presentation or hygiene, or simply lack of model availability, but no reason need be stated when a client is refused. Asian Supermodels™ is not responsible for disappointment of a last-minute appointment is unable to be filled due to unavailability or closure of office/ telephones.

4) Models are within their rights to refuse to accept a booking from a client at any time without reason. She is not required to stay with, accompany or converse with any client she does not wish to stay, accompany or converse with, nor is she required to provide any particular services. The services she provides are her own choice, in agreeance to a client’s requests.

5) For the fee paid, ASM and it’s management collects together the finest ladies at their discretion, and promotes them to suitable clientele at the company’s expense; ASM does not promise any particular service provision; available services are listed on the website, but there is no guarantee that these services will be provided by the model, in her discretion she may choose to service a client or reject the booking. Her introduction period (10 minutes) at the commencement of the booking allows for either party to cancel the booking. No promises are made until the model personally meets and approves the client, and he approves her. Cancellation fees of the amount of $50.00 does apply if your location is out of the Sydney CBD area.

6) Similarly, if the client is proven to be actually meeting a model outside of the agency will be fined a sum in excess of $10,000, depending on the worth of the model and the situation, at the discretion of the company management, to recover lost expenses. (Not to mention he will theretofore be known as a cheat with no integrity, whom has taken advantage of the expensive promotion to find this Asian girl, then decided he has the right to change the rules and help himself to a naive young girl’s company for free/ less money.) He will then be blacklisted by the agency, and not accepted as a client by any of our staff or models.

7) An agency selects models carefully to ensure their suitability for their valued clientele, and their suitability in working with their existing quality staff. A great investment in time, training, promotion, grooming and security is spent, and simple loyalty expected in return. Should a model be discovered giving her personal number to clientele, or actually meeting a client outside the agency, she is automatically dismissed. She is also fined a minimum of $5000 – $10,000, depending on her agency level, and never again permitted to have access to the fine quality of our selection of clientele, agency management, staff, provisions, advice/ training, security and professional promotion. She is immediately removed from the website, along with all photos, and no assistance, whether financial, security wise, personal, or otherwise will be given at any time in the future for any reason. Once a model has breached her verbal agreement to carry the integrity we expect from our ladies, she is immediately considered no longer under the care of ASM, and ASM no longer attempts to ensure her happiness or personal security.

8) ASM guarantees it’s services in that the escort Agency provides a 100% guarantee of quality of model – (NOT a 100% guarantee of satisfaction), whereby if either the model or the client are unwilling to go ahead with the booking during the first (10 minutes) introduction period, where no clothing other than a jacket has been removed, and no physical contact other than a brief hug/ peck kiss/ hand shake/ shoulder rub has occurred, and no sexual act or satisfaction has been achieved, there is no full service charge besides the cancellation fee of $50.00 if the fees applies. (refer to 5) *A cancellation fee is not required if booking is Sydney City based or otherwise agreed upon placement of booking.